Root Canal Therapy Alternatives

What are other alternatives to a root canal

Every tooth has an inner pulp layer. Infection in this layer can leave you with very limited treatment choices. Your options are:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Defer the treatment
  • Saving the tooth with root canal therapy

Tooth Extraction

This is no more than a short-term solution since every tooth relies on the adjacent ones for support. It rids the tooth of the infection, but the rest of the teeth may shift, the jawbone might recede or decay & gum disease might occur.

Deferring the Treatment

If you opt to defer the treatment, the infected tooth will not be able to heal by itself. The infection can only spread to the jawbone and the pain can be unbearable. In severe cases, the infection can also have life-threatening consequences.

Opting for Root Canal Therapy

If the pulp of the tooth has got infected, the best way of removing the infection is via root canal therapy. It saves the tooth, keeps your mouth healthy and your smile bright. Contact Dr. Mansbridge to discuss your options at (905) 662-6700.

Even though you may be brushing and flossing your teeth properly, it is easy for someone in your family to require a root canal. Sometimes you might be brushing improperly, on other occasions, it might be genetics, diet, an accident or other factors that might have cause a tooth infection. Preventative maintenance can save your more money in the long run which is why we suggest visiting our Hamilton dental office every six months. We are open past 5pm on certain days, and as such, we can schedule appointments so your whole family can visit in one day, as to not miss work or school. If your child or teen requires a root canal, which may occur from poor dental hygiene, or perhaps a broken tooth from skateboarding, skating, horse back riding, biking, or damage from hard candy, we can do the procedure on a Friday to minimize time missed from school from mouth pain.

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