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We feel that we have an obligation to provide every patient with a thorough examination at the initial visit. The examination consists of an oral cancer screening, examination of the teeth and gums and necessary radiographs. At that time we shall explain our findings and discuss various treatment options available to you. It is our joint responsibility to see that excellent dentistry is properly cared for after completion, therefore, we see that each patient is personally trained in his/her own home care preventive program.

We Understand That Selecting An Office Can Be Difficult.

We have designed this web site to provide you with information about our office and hopefully to answer some of the questions you may have. We feel that the more you know about us, our methods of practice and policies the more we can be of service to you. We know that you will find your experience with us to be pleasant, and hope you will feel confident in recommending us to others. An increasing number of our new patients are by referral from existing patients. This is most flattering and we appreciate it greatly!

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Our office team maintains up-to-date standards by participating in continuing education courses focusing on current technology and optimum patient care.

Stoney Creek and East Hamilton Neighbourhoods We Serve

Hamilton has nearly two hundred distinct neighbourhoods (The Jelly Brothers have drawn and sell neat prints of Hamilton's diverse neighbourhoods). The map below shows a few of the local Hamilton and Stoney Creek Neighbourhoods we service for their dentistry needs. Obviously we go beyond these neighbourhoods, and as people move to new areas or cities, they often stay with us as our Dental office as it is easily accessible from the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

Battlefield Neighbourhood

Battlefield Neighbourhood in Stoney Creek is named after Battlefield Park, it's also the neighbourhood where our Dental Office is located. There are three other parks in this area which are Community Park, Green Acres Park and Hopkins Park.

Greenford Neighbourhood

The Greenford Neighbourhood is known for Sir Issac Brock School.

Here are a few interesting pointers about a few of the other neighbourhoods that Dr. Mansbridge services.

Kentley Neighbourhood

Kentley is where Eastgate Square resides, as it is a community between Barton, Centennial and Queenston. Kentley is also known for Sam Manson Park.

Corman Neighbourhood

Corman has three schools in it, which are Glendale Secondary School, Glen Echo Public School and GlenBrae Middle School. Because of all these schools, Corman is often referred to as 'Glendale' at least amongst the locals.

Normanhurst Community

The Normanhurst Neighbourhood contains Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Parkdale Park and Mahony Park.

Glenview East and Glenview West Community

Glenview East has the Red Hill Bowl while Glenview West consists of several residential roads.

Riverdale Neighbourhood

The Riverdale Neighbourhood is one of the larger neighbourhoods in the area. Riverdale has a large park called Henry and Beatrice Warden Park that stretches from Queenston Road to Barton Road. There is also a smaller Park called Riverdale East Park.

Stoney Creek Neighbourhood

Stoney Creek (locally known as 'Tony Creek' or 'the Crick') is a Neighbourhood that is part of the town formally known as Stoney Creek. Fiesta Mall as well as Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School are here.

Vincent Neighbourhood

The Vincent Neighbourhood is named after John Vincent, who was a British Army Officer during the Battle of Stoney Creek during 1812. Laurier Park as well as Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School are in this area.

McQuesten Neighbourhood

Hillcrest Park is located in the McQuesten Neighbourhood, as well as Roxborough Park.

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