Gingivitis and Pregnancy - What You Should Know

Pregnancy Dental Care

Pregnancy gingivitis occurs because of the hormonal imbalance at the time of pregnancy. The gum tissue becomes extremely swollen, sore and bleeds easily. If untreated, pregnancy gingivitis situations may reach the point where the gums have almost covered the teeth. It is not a matter to be taken lightly.

It has been well proven that if your mouth is kept very clean, you will help prevent the development of pregnancy gingivitis. We have given you the tools - the toothbrush , the floss, etc - to help you in the preventative quest to control this problem. When pregnant, you must strictly adhere to the professional periodontal maintenance treatment that has been recommended for you. If you experience morning sickness, be certain to thoroughly clean your teeth as stomach acids can corrode the enamel of your teeth. This means brushing your teeth, as well as swishing your mouth out with water.

Dental Cleaning during Pregnancy

Please remember these two facts to help you carry out your healthy gum and plaque control program: 95% of the harmful mouth bacteria tend to mass in the area of the gum line, and mouth bacteria can reorganize and grow within twenty four hours after removal. This is why you need to frequently floss and brush your teeth.

Remember also that the gum tissue fits the tooth as a turtle-neck sweater fits the neck. Flossing regularly helps remove bacteria and food particles from between the teeth, reducing your chances for gum disease and tooth infection. Preventative clean means totally clean, hence free of bleeding on the cheek side, on the tongue side, on the biting surface, between the teeth and in the crevice at the gum line.

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It is especially necessary to continue with frequent regular professional maintenance appointments not only during your pregnancy but also up to one year post-partum. If you live in the Hamilton/Stoney Creek region, call Dr. Mansbridge today for additional information on how we can help you maintain your dental health.

Our sincerest congratulations on your good news!

In the interest of better periodontal health.

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