Out Patient Care for Fixed Bridges

How to Floss a Fixed Dental Bridge

The design of a fixed bridge does not usually facilitate the access of regular floss. A special type of floss and technique is needed to clean these areas.

  1. Use a floss threader or a superfloss to draw floss between the anchor tooth and the false tooth.

    Flossing Bridge 1Flossing Bridge 2Flossing Bridge 3

  2. Wrap floss around anchor tooth in a "U" shape. Gently slide it up and down five or six times being sure you go beneath the gum collar on each anchor tooth.

  3. Slide floss under false tooth and move back and forth several times.

    Flossing Bridge 4Flossing Bridge 5Flossing Bridge 6

Flossing is tricky at first for a fixed bridge, but can be mastered very quickly. Dr. Mansbridge's Family Dentistry can also offer advice on flossing with braces. It's easy for teens to get lazy when it comes to flossing, especially when braces are involved. Our family dental office on Queenston Road, in Stoney Creek can show your teen how to floss, plus with regular check-ups we can let your teen know if they are doing it well. The same dental policy stands for fixed bridges. Without regular flossing, your investment in your beautiful smile will degrade quickly. If after reading this page, and viewing the pictures, you are still unsure how to properly floss, feel free to stop by our Stoney Creek dental office, and we'll have you on the road to better dental health in no time.

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