Drug Induced Hyperplasia

Medication and your Gum Line

You may not have previously been aware that the medication you are taking often has the side effect of causing an overgrowth of the gum tissue. This causes not only an unpleasant appearance, but also contributes to gum problems that may lead to more advanced gum disease. Gum or Periodontal disease is the cause of 70% of tooth loss in adults, but it can almost always be prevented through flossing and brushing on a regular basis.

It is important that you follow your physician's advice in taking your medication. We can help you get your gums back to good health and prevent this overgrowth from recurring.

Treatment of Drug Induced Hyperplasia

Treatment consists of thorough professional scaling and home care instruction. Sometimes gum (periodontal) surgery is necessary to remove excess tissue where non-surgical treatments are not sufficient. Occasionally a special mouth appliance is custom fitted to help prevent a re-growth of the gums. With continued use of the medication, however, there may be a stubborn tendency for gum re-growth which might necessitate further treatment.

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In the interest of better periodontal health.

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