Full Dental Implants

Most people have 32 permanent teeth. This includes the wisdom teeth that are used for functions such as biting, chewing & grinding. Losing any of these teeth can lead to pain and it is also annoying not to be able to chew your food properly. Apart from this, any gaps in the teeth can also alter the positioning of the rest of your teeth and affect your “bite”. This can lead to jaw stress and pain.

Dental Implants Can Give You A Natural Look

Tooth implants are an ideal method of replacing damaged or extracted teeth. Full dental implants are used in cases where all the teeth have been lost due to age, disease or damage. They are a preferred alternative to conventional removable dentures that were commonly used until a decade ago. The latter are inconvenient to use and do not look or feel natural. Dental implants, on the other hand, look natural, are very comfortable in the mouth and are almost permanent.

The Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth

In the full dental implant procedure, titanium screws are implanted in the jaw bone. Once the surrounding gum tissue grows over the screw, the crowns are then affixed to it. These dental implants are very functional and can last for more than 15 years. If they are cared for well, they will last even longer than that and are an ideal solution for lost teeth because:

  • They offer a permanent solution for people who have lost all their teeth
  • They do not have be realigned/replaced at regular intervals like dentures have to be
  • Since they are fixed to the jawbone, they have to be brushed and flossed just as you would clean natural teeth
  • There is absolutely no restriction about what food or drink a person can consume
  • They have a natural appearance
  • Cavities do not form in them and it is simpler to maintain dental health

The Expert Dentists

Our dental clinic in Hamilton uses the latest techniques in full dental implants and our experienced dentists make sure that all the proper precautionary and surgical procedures are followed while implanting these prosthetic teeth. We make use of the finest materials and use the most minimally-invasive procedures.

You get a set of teeth that look and feel natural. Dr. Mansbridge has years of experience in full dental implant procedures. Contact us at (905) 662-6700 or 800 Queenston Road, Suite 18, Stoney Creek and make an appointment today.

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