Family Dental Tips

Protecting your Child's Teeth from Sports Injuries: If you have children in school who play sports, as a rule of thumb, a mouthguard should be used when a sport involves a ball, puck, stick, or potential physical contact with another player, such as basketball. This rule applies to both games and practice.


Chipped Teeth from Swimming Accidents: It wouldn't be summer in Hamilton Ontario without lots of swimming. If it's in your backyard, or at the beach, remember to have your kids, and yourself, follow a set of swimming rules. Many summer oral injuries we treat are from pool accidents such as running on a wet deck, bumping into pool ledges with your mouth, and from diving into shallow water.


Almonds and your Teeth: A handful of almonds is often cited as the ultimate mid afternoon snack as they are full of vitamins, protein, and healthy fats, while being low in sugar and additives. When it comes to your teeth, however, almonds can be too hard and cause fractures or breakages. Our suggestion is to skip whole almonds and opt for the sliced variety.


Dental Health during Pregnancy: Morning sickness and hormonal imbalances all take a toll on your teeth during pregnancy, so be sure to be extra vigilant with brushing and flossing. If you are experiencing sore gums that are swollen or bleed easily, make an appointment with a dentist immediately. Pregnancy gingivitis is not a matter to take lightly.


Sport Drinks: Many new year resolutions are to get back to the gym. If you are a sports drink enthusiast, be aware that many of these drinks have a high acidity and may cause irreversible enamale damage. If you must have one, we recommend rinsing your mouth out with water after to help the mouth get back to its natural acidity state.


Festive Drinks: Tis the season to enjoy a glass of warm cider, eggnog, or your favourite festive drink, like a candy cane Martini. These drinks tend to be high in sugar, so be sure to brush and floss before bedtime to remove the sticky residue left on your teeth.


Halloween Candy: We all know candy causes cavities in children if they're not careful, but it can also be damaging to older mouths too. Sticky candy can loosen or pull out dental work like fillings (particularly chewy candy that has gone stale). Furthermore, hard candy can snap, chip, fracture, and break teeth. So if you're prone to the temptation of buying extra or discounted Halloween treats, protect your mouth and choose something that you can eat with ease.


Negative Effects of Smoking: One reason (out of many) to give up smoking, is that smokers often use mints, candy, lozenges or sugary gum to mask the smell of cigarettes. This frequent contact with sugar causes double the trouble for tooth decay.


Saying 'your teeth look great' for us is just as good as you hearing it: The most important dental work you'll ever have do is what you do at home. Brushing and flossing will add decades of health to your oral health, keeping you (and us) incredibly happy.


Children Tooth Decay: Never let your child sleep with a bottle. Bottle liquids (Even milk) that sit in the mouth can quickly cause tooth decay. Don't let your child drink or snack without brushing afterword.

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April is Oral Health Month: To promote Oral Health month, Listerine and Brush-a-mania are promoting dental health. Listerine is offering daily prizes for participating, and Brush-a-mania is using mobile tracking to track your child's brushes throughout the month to motivate them to maintain their oral health!


WBOP: 95.3 Fresh FM recently visited our dental office to treat us to lunch courtesy of The Grand Olympia. Our dental hygienist Jamey won a trip for two from TRANSAT HOLIDAYS AND TRIPCENTRAL.CA. You can read about all the fun news here!.


March Madness: In honour of the March Madness Basketball Tournament, we would like to remind parents to have their children wear mouth guards when they play sports, such as Football at Barton, or Basketball at Orchard Park Secondary School, to protect their teeth.


Stained Teeth: Saint Patrick's Day is coming up, and one way not to celebrate is with green teeth. Vegetable smoothies can stain your teeth with chromogens in the vegetables combined with tannin in fruits. Our advice to reduce stains is to drink your veggie smoothie through a straw, and brush your teeth shortly after.


Proper Flossing: When flossing, be sure you just don't insert the floss between the teeth. Try to curve the floss down and slightly into the gum line. You want to make sure the floss skims across each tooth to remove particles of food and plaque.


Diabetes and Dental Health: People with diabetes have a greater risk for mouth infections, especially gum disease, dry mouth and thrush. If you have diabetes, it's important you brush and floss everyday, as well as visit a dentist regularly.


Avoid the Valentine Day Blues: February 14th is a day of rich foods and sweets, most noticeably chocolate. Remember to clean your teeth after with brushing and flossing, to prevent dental problems further down the road, and of course, bad breath which might kill your partner's romantic mood.


The World's most Common Diseases: The most common disease in the world is the common cold, followed by tooth decay. Cold season in Hamilton runs from Late October to April, while Tooth Decay Season runs all year round.


Dental Health for Seniors: As we age, dental health becomes even more important. In our senior years it is vital that we floss every day and brush frequently. Developing good dental habits while you're young will help ensure you're not as forgetful when you are older.


Sports Drinks and Dental Decay - If you're thinking of hitting the gym this January to whip your body back into fighting shape, beware of sports drinks. Sport drinks are quite acidic, and will wear away at your teeth just as fast as pop or other sugary drinks.


Avoid Dental Disasters this Christmas - We certainly eat and drink a lot more during this festive time of year. Remember to use caution when reaching for that piece of peanut brittle, popcorn kernel or caramel. Sticky and hard foods can break teeth, as well as rip out fillings.


Candy Canes and Your Teeth - Does your sweet tooth crave candy canes this festive time of year? Be sure to brush your teeth shortly after to remove the sugars which will certainly be sticking to your teeth. Because a candy cane will be in your mouth for a long time, your teeth are exposed to a lot more sugar.


Wine, Cheese and Your Teeth - Wine and Cheese is more than a delicious combination. A bite of cheese after sipping a glass of wine, can balance out the PH level in your mouth. This lessens out the harmful effects of the acidity in that festive glass of wine on your tooth enamel. This doesn't get you off the hook for flossing and brushing when you get home.


Does Green Tea Stain your Teeth? - Green Tea and Black Tea can both change your natural white colour of your teeth to a stained look. It's the plant compounds called tannin that are part of the culprit. To reduce the staining potential, try sipping water with your tea to naturally rinse the tannin and acid off your teeth.


How Long Should I Brush For? - Optimally, you should spend 2 minutes in total every time you brush your teeth. This maximizes your potential of removing food particles. We suggest you break your mouth into four sections and then spend 30 seconds on each part.


Drinking and Brushing - Always brush your teeth after that evening nightcap, even if it's just a dram of scotch or a glass of white wine. Alcohol dries out your mouth, preventing saliva to provide it's natural buffer against acids that can corrode your teeth.


Which Teeth Should I Floss? - Be certain to floss all the teeth you wish to keep. We are being a little silly, but serious at the same time. Without flossing, you won't be able to remove food that gets stuck in between your teeth. This can lead to cavities, which can lead to tooth decay and require more in depth treatments like root canals.


Brushing Too Hard - Brushing too hard wears away at your tooth enamel and gums which may lead to sensitive teeth. If you find your teeth extra sensitive to hot and cold beverages, try lightening up on your tooth brush strokes.


Chewing Ice - Stop chewing that ice! It might seem harmless, but you could be making tiny fractures in the enamel of your teeth. This can cause major tooth breakage later down the road, which can be a painful event.


Pregnancy and Dental Health - Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause an increase in risk for gingivitis and periodontal disease. Therefore, it is important to not neglect your dental visits during this time and get regular dental cleaning.


Avoid Scary Teeth this Halloween - Halloween is approaching, and while we know candy is bad for our teeth, some treats are worse than others. Candies that are in your mouth for long periods of times, like lollipops and caramels, have more potential to leave sugar in your mouth then small candy bars.


Make your Teeth Sparkle! - While there are many over the counter teeth whitening products in Hamilton, whitening done by Dr. Bruce Mansbridge is regulated, supervised, controlled, and gives far better results to make your teeth sparkle.


Middle Age Dental Health - In your forties, you may notice that your teeth are getting more brittle, especially the teeth that have fillings. Consider having the weaker teeth crowned, and avoid chewing ice which may fracture your teeth.


Mohawk College Benefits - If you or your child is a full time student at Mohawk College, you're insured for dental benefits. Visit for further information.


Preventing Damaged Teeth - If your child or teen plays contact sports at school, like football, hockey, or rugby, always ensure that they wear a mouthguard.


Golden Years Dental Care - In your senior years, if arthritis or decreased mobility are an issue, consider switching to an electric toothbrush to maintain your dental health.


Why Dental Check-ups are Important - Bacterial build-up, inflammation, and tooth decay, happen slowly and quietly. That's why many people don't know it's happening until they start to feel pain.


Sour Candy and Weak Teeth - Sour candies are just as bad for your child's teeth as sweet candies Sour foods have a low PH which can melt away your child's teeth.


Fresh Fruit and Strong Teeth - Apples are a good mid-day snack for your children at school as apples assist in removing loose foods from between your teeth.


Dental Health and your Heart - Many experts feel that there are plausible reasons why dental health and heart health may be intertwined. Another reason to keep your teeth clean!


Don't neglect the back - Children often neglect brushing the back side of their teeth which leaves the tooth vulnerable to plaque build up and increased decay. Make sure they understand that brushing the back of the tooth is important too.


When Should My Child start Flossing - Flossing between teeth should be a daily practice, and it should begin as soon as two teeth touch each other. You will probably have to do it for them until they learn how to tie their own shoes.


Reduce Coffee Stains on Teeth -It is difficult to brush your teeth after coffee at the office. Try sipping water when you drink your coffee or tea to help reduce stains by balancing out the pH levels in your mouth.


Brush like Train Wheels - Sometimes it's difficult to get kids to brush properly as they just want to scrub their teeth. One trick is to have kids think of a choo-choo train as they brush so they use big circles instead.

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