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*One Saturday per Month

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Dr. Mansbridge's family dental office is located across from Eastgate mall at the intersection of Queenston Road and Centennial Parkway in Hamilton, Ontario. There is plenty of free parking in our plaza. If you are taking the HSR city bus, the King Street bus, as well as Route 55 (Stoney Creek Central), Route 56 (Centennial) and Route 58 (Stoney Creek Local) are easy ways to reach us. We are always accepting new clients, and we specialize in dental care from child to senior, making our dentistry a complete family friendly facility.

With so many shopping opportunities and attractions around our Stoney Creek Dental office, you can easily run errands, such as grocery shopping, banking, holiday shopping, or more at the Eastgate mall and surrounding businesses. There are quite a few tasty restaurants surrounding us, so if you have the perfect dental check-up, why not treat yourself to a nice pasta dinner, or juicy hamburger. Just be sure to brush and floss shortly after, so you can enjoy that 'fresh from the dentist' mouth feel.

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