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Looking for a family dentist in Stoney Creek? Look no further than Dr. Mansbridge! As a family dentist office in Stoney Creek, Ontario, we encourage even toddlers (usually around their third birthday, when they can sit in a chair and open their mouth without being upset) to learn about the value of excellent dental health. The best life habits should start at a young age, and the dental education we provide at our office near Eastgate Mall will make your bedtime and morning duties as a parent easier. Through demonstrations and education, your kids will understand what they need to do to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

When Should My Child First Visit the Family Dentist?

Many parents ask us when they should start bringing their toddlers in for us to look at. We suggest when they are around the age of 3 to remove the anxiety of the dentist visit, which is around the time they can sit on their own in a chair and open their mouths without being upset. Before this time, it is important for parents to maintain their toddler's health care. We suggest they clean their teeth with a soft brush meant for children, or wipe their teeth with a clean, and wet wash cloth after meals. Toddlers can get cavities, and this is called “Baby Bottle Syndrome”. Baby Bottle Syndrome is the term used to describe a rapid decay of a child or infant’s baby teeth as a result of frequent or prolonged exposure to liquid containing sugars. Common sugar-filled liquids include store-bought formulas, breast milk, and juice, soda or other sweetened beverages. A child’s upper front teeth are often at the highest risk for decay. It mostly commonly occurs when infants fall asleep while breastfeeding or nursing a bottle. During sleep, the flow of saliva decreases, allowing the sugary liquids to sit on the baby teeth for an extended period of time. These sugars can turn to acid, which ultimately causes tooth decay.

At our family dentistry, we take time to talk to kids in explaining that there is sugar in the foods they eat and drink, and that if they don't properly brush, that sugar will stick to their teeth. We then show your child how to properly brush and floss so those good habits begin at a young age and will keep their teeth healthy for decades to come. We always do this with patience, and a smile. Even though our dental staff is always happy to see you, we can understand that coming to our dental office might not be your child's most favourite thing. A lot of this phobia is passed down from generation to generation, when your great, great grandparents probably had to bite down on a wooden spoon when they had to have a tooth removed. Like everything else, dental technology has come a long way since then, and it is no longer uncomfortable, or invasive. In order to not pass your fears onto your children, try to keep the topic of going to the dentist positive, light, and relaxed, much like going to the library or the mall is. Learn more about helping kids overcome the fear of dentists.

Stoney Creek Community Dentistry

Dr. Mansbridge services dozens of local neighbourhoods in Hamilton for their dentistry needs. Right in Stoney Creek, we are quite popular with the Battlefield, Riverdale, Kently, Nashdale, Lakely, Grayside, Greenford, Corman and Glenview neighbourhoods.

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